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There are a Number of Tools Used for Security

We recognize that remaining secure involves active monitoring, constant improvements and building on the knowledge that others have worked to discover. Whether it be through hardware and networking analysis, or software our experts try to incorporate as many tools as possible to ensure we offer a secure and trustworthy service.


Top Flight Data Center

The servers we use are managed in-house and located in a SOC 2, Type II audited facility that is located in the United States. The data center includes high-end surveillance equipment, security guards, visitor logs and pass cards/biometric recognition. With fully redundant IP connections, independent connections to T1 access providers, redundant external and internal power supplies, daily security scans and encrypted off site backups, you can rest assured that we are doing everything we can to protect your data.

Active Monitoring

In addition to implementing features that increase security, our professionals maintain best practices on the back end to ensure your account remains secure. They monitor sessions to restrict access of your account appropriately, and every account is isolated. Safeguards are in place to try and detect common attacks such as SQL injection and cross site scripting. Most importantly, they actively review the code for potential security concerns so that they can address any issues as quickly as they arise.

Secure Data Transfer and Storage

Our experts enforce the secure collection of data. Forms will be served across a protected, 128-bit SSL connection that encrypts the data before it is sent to the servers. SSL ensures that any wrong-doer who may be listening in to your network traffic is not able to actually read the data being submitted to the form.

SSL transmits data securely, and we're confident it will remain secure on the servers. However, some data is so sensitive that stricter requirements are in place. That is where encrypted data storage comes in. Your account will have encrypted data storage. This means that sensitive data such as credit card numbers will not be compromised even if the physical server is stolen.

Backups of the Backups

Disasters happen, so being prepared for them is critical for happy data collection. You can rest easy because your data is consistently replicating (backing up in real time) on site to another server. Additionally, 2 snapshots of your data is taken every 24 hours and stored on site for two weeks. Once the two weeks have finished, the data is moved to a physical tape backup. The tape backup is then transferred to an off site location in locked, water and impact resistant containers by screened employees requiring verification upon delivery.

There is also lots of redundancy across the core infrastructure. Paired database, web, file, load balancing and fire wall servers sit next to each other in separate cabinets with separate power supplies. This level of redundancy helps to prepare for those worst case scenarios.

A Very Secure Network

There is an outside routing layer that provides basic filtering to handle and manage any potential denial of service attacks. All network traffic then has to pass through a redundant fire wall, which is heavily locked down and allows only specific services to be made publicly available.

Additionally, periodical scans are performed, including quarterly PCI scans by McAfee, to look for any potential vulnerabilities in the network or publicly accessible software. We force outside access to the servers to use a 128-bit encrypted connection along with a strong password strength.


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